This Week in Church
January 27th, 2022
ACC Queensland & Northern Territory


Last Sunday, 23 January we started our strategic 21 Days of Prayer for 2022. There is tremendous need all around us at this time, so it is timely that we unite in prayer across our Movement.

RESOURCES: We have provided all the resources you need to lead your people in prayer, as we pray specifically for our Nation (Week 1), our Local Community (Week 2), and our Personal Growth (Week 3). These can be used or adjusted for your church; and you are free to either set your own program for prayer and fasting for your congregation; or join the ACC National prayer every day from this Sunday.

VIDEO: I have prepared a short video that you are welcome to share with your congregation on our 21 days of prayer.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow @acc.national on Instagram and receive the daily prayer points and scriptures every morning.


We are asking churches to pray for our neighbours in Tonga, following the massive volcanic eruption that triggered the tsunami has devastated this island nation. With communication lines down and thick ash hampering flights, the extent of the damage is still unknown.

As a response, we are asking churches to take up a love offering that will be sent to the AOG Tonga to assist in their efforts to rebuild in the wake of this disaster. Individuals or churches can make a donation through ACCI, at
VIDEO: You are welcome to share this video clip with your congregation and promote the link for donations
Thank you for your continual faith and prayers, and all you do to reach people for Jesus. We are believing that you, your family and your ministry will see breakthrough and great fruit in the year ahead.

God bless you.