Pastors Health & Wellbeing

ACC QLD & NT desire to build a culture of pastors intentionally building resilience and seeking help before a crisis.

This page identifies and provides resources across 6 key areas of Health & Wellbeing. Pastors Health & Wellbeing is not just about longevity and sustainability but also effectiveness in personal life and ministry. The flowchart below demonstrates the impact our Health & Wellbeing has on our families and those we lead and pastor.

Integrated Model for Pastors Health & Wellbeing

The PH&W model is interactive i.e. each segment (as well as the middle segment called ‘PHW’) can be clicked on to take you to information and resources to develop that area of wellbeing.


Select one aspect within one area to intentionally develop each six months. Growth and development in one area actually cascades across all other areas, increasing overall wellbeing.

The ACC QLD & NT Pastors Health & Wellness team welcome your recommendations & suggestions of resources you have found helpful in your life & ministry. Please email with your ideas.

Thank you from your PH&W Team:

Deb van Bennekom
Teacher, Pastor, Masters in Min & Leadership

Ben Teefy
Pastor, Studying Masters of Clinical Psychology

Francine Hunt
Pastor, Counsellor & Professional Supervisor

Kristy Howarth
Counsellor, Professional Supervisor & Pastor

Michelle Fredericks
Pastor, Professional Supervisor, Grad Cert in Wellness Studies

Jim Cameron
Pastor, Counsellor & professional Supervisor

Aaron Bachmann
Pastor, Bachelor of Education (Maths/Science), Diploma Ministry & Leadership, Cert 4 Workplace Training & Assessment.

Stephen Hunter
Grad Cert in Professional Coaching, Diploma in Community Services, Cert 4 Ministry, Completing Professional Supervision Studies