Compliance & Governance


This online course is an introduction for leaders of churches to the important areas of governing your church well. Directors are not merely liable for the results of their decisions, but in a fast-paced world, an aligned and strategically aware board will make better decisions faster. Better board competence, regardless of whether the church or entity is large or small, as an essential component of Kingdom outcomes, can only result in wider reach of the gospel. 

Course Outcomes include the legal framework of churches in Australia; Important aspects of financial accountability, workplace health and safety, and risk management; Approaches to managing people, both staff and volunteer; and more. 

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Webinars topics include:


  • Practical keys for Building Strong Church Boards
  • Practical Governance Church Board ‘need to know’ Governance insights in a time of change
  • ACC: Practical Checklist for Strong Church Governance
  • The Difference in Governance & Management
  • Constitutions & Governing Documnets
  • Company Directors – Some Key Risks and How to Manage Them
  • Good governance practice and reporting obligations to the ACNC. Refresher tips for young and/or small churches
  • Board Governance – Implementing HR policies in the church workplace
  • A Church Board’s duty and obligation to ensure mental health, wellness and safety of senior leadership and office holders
  • Governance considerations for not-for-profit structuring
  • Refresher: Church leadership and governance issues
  • One Body, Many Parts: Accountability to Members


  • Registered Charities – a heads up
  • Registered Charities – a heads up on Financial Reporting
  • Structuring the Care Arm of Churches
  • Leading Strong Church in an Ever-Changing Legislative Environment
  • ACC: Practical Tip  for complying with the External Conduct Standards
  • Mergers and acquisitions for churches, charities and para-ministries
  • Governance considerations in not-for-profit structuring
  • Maintaining the common Vision while complying with the law – navigating tensions wtih subsidiary charity ‘entities’
  • Sponsoring Workers & Visitors For Churches and Religious Charities
  • Things to consider for church mergers


  • Church Plants: Legal Tips for the Plants 


  • How the Stimulus package benefits Churches/Charities
  • Churches and staffing during COVID-19
  • Enabling Church operations in a restrictive COVID-19 environment
  • Understanding JobKeeper for Church
  • Equipping Pastors to help their congregation deal with domestic violence during COVID-19
  • Sponsoring Employer Obligations During COVID-19
  • Places of worship and covid vaccination requirements


  • Responding to Domestic Violence with Care & Wisdom
  • Domestic Violence Within The Church


  • Responding with Care & Wisdom to Physical or Emotional Injury Inside and Outside the Church 


  • Responding to Child Sexual Abuse Claims – Redress and Civil Litigation Update 


  • Asset Protection: Structuring to protect leaders from personal liability and possibly moving away from property trusts (Part 1) 
  • Asset Protection: Structuring to protect leaders from personal liability and possibly moving away from property trusts (Part 2)
  • Church Structuring and Property Holding Options for Local ACC Churches
  • Practical Questions for Churches Post-transition from an Unincorporated Body to a Company Limited by Guarantee


  • Protecting your Church in the Digital Age 
  • Understanding Vilification & Discrimination  
  • Family Law FIRST Aid – 1st Response for Church Leaders, Executives and Senior Staff
  • Staying true to Christian Belief in Family Law
  • Educators Supporting Kids During Family Transition
  • Personal Information Data Storage
  • Supporting your congregation members during or pending a family law dispute
  • Navigating the Family Law System as a mental health professional
  • Child Protection


  • Lessons Learned From the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to child Sexual Abuse 
  • Child Sexual Abuse Claims and the Removal of Limitations Period for Victims of Child Abuse – What it Means for Churches 
  • Sexual Abuse Claims Update
  • Responding to Child Sexual Abuse Claims – Redress and Civil Litigation Update 
  • Responding to Current & Historical Sexual Abuse Claims & How the New Legislative Amendments Affect Churches


  • How do Churches respond to Contemporary Sexuality without Infringing Discrimination Legislation


  • Resolving Disputes within the Church 
  • Screening your pastors, volunteers and employees 
  • Alternative streams of income in the modern church   
  • Churches & Chaplains: a HR & Employment Law Perspective 
  • ‘Burn Out’ and Mental Health Issues for Church Workers    
  • #MeToo Movement
  • A guide to Fringe Benefits
  • Workplace hybrid models – Checks and balance on mental health and supervision
  • Blurred lines: underpayments becoming an issue