Compliance & Governance

To watch the ACC Compliance Webinars please go to the National website Pastor’s Login. 

Webinars topics include:



  • Practical keys for Building Strong Church Boards
  • Practical Governance Church Board ‘need to know’ Governance insights in a time of change
  • ACC: Practical Checklist for Strong Church Governance
  • The Difference in Governance & Management
  • Constitutions & Governing Documnets
  • Company Directors – Some Key Risks and How to Manage Them
  • Good governance practice and reporting obligations to the ACNC. Refresher tips for young and/or small churches
  • Board Governance – Implementing HR policies in the church workplace
  • A Church Board’s duty and obligation to ensure mental health, wellness and safety of senior leadership and office holders
  • Governance considerations for not-for-profit structuring
  • Refresher: Church leadership and governance issues
  • One Body, Many Parts: Accountability to Members


  • Registered Charities – a heads up
  • Registered Charities – a heads up on Financial Reporting
  • Structuring the Care Arm of Churches
  • Leading Strong Church in an Ever-Changing Legislative Environment
  • ACC: Practical Tip  for complying with the External Conduct Standards
  • Mergers and acquisitions for churches, charities and para-ministries
  • Governance considerations in not-for-profit structuring
  • Maintaining the common Vision while complying with the law – navigating tensions with subsidiary charity ‘entities’
  • Sponsoring Workers & Visitors For Churches and Religious Charities


  • Church Plants: Legal Tips for the Plants 


  • How the Stimulus package benefits Churches/Charities
  • Churches and staffing during COVID-19
  • Enabling Church operations in a restrictive COVID-19 environment
  • Understanding JobKeeper for Church
  • Equipping Pastors to help their congregation deal with domestic violence during COVID-19
  • Sponsoring Employer Obligations During COVID-19
  • Places of worship and covid vaccination requirements


  • Responding to Domestic Violence with Care & Wisdom
  • Domestic Violence Within The Church


  • Responding with Care & Wisdom to Physical or Emotional Injury Inside and Outside the Church 


  • Responding to Child Sexual Abuse Claims – Redress and Civil Litigation Update 


  • Asset Protection: Structuring to protect leaders from personal liability and possibly moving away from property trusts (Part 1) 
  • Asset Protection: Structuring to protect leaders from personal liability and possibly moving away from property trusts (Part 2)
  • Church Structuring and Property Holding Options for Local ACC Churches
  • Practical Questions for Churches Post-transition from an Unincorporated Body to a Company Limited by Guarantee


  • Protecting your Church in the Digital Age 
  • Understanding Vilification & Discrimination  
  • Family Law FIRST Aid – 1st Response for Church Leaders, Executives and Senior Staff
  • Staying true to Christian Belief in Family Law
  • Educators Supporting Kids During Family Transition
  • Personal Information Data Storage 
  • Supporting your congregation members during or pending a family law dispute
  • Navigating the Family Law System as a mental health professional
  • Child Protection


  • Lessons Learned From the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to child Sexual Abuse 
  • Child Sexual Abuse Claims and the Removal of Limitations Period for Victims of Child Abuse – What it Means for Churches 
  • Responding to Child Sexual Abuse Claims – Redress and Civil Litigation Update 
  • Responding to Current & Historical Sexual Abuse Claims & How the New Legislative Amendments Affect Churches


  • How do Churches respond to Contemporary Sexuality without Infringing Discrimination Legislation


  • Resolving Disputes within the Church 
  • Screening your pastors, volunteers and employees 
  • Alternative streams of income in the modern church   
  • Churches & Chaplains: a HR & Employment Law Perspective 
  • ‘Burn Out’ and Mental Health Issues for Church Workers    
  • #MeToo Movement
  • A guide to Fringe Benefits
  • Workplace hybrid models – Checks and balance on mental health and supervision
  • Blurred lines: underpayments becoming an issue