Total Access Mentoring

The Total Access Coaching and Mentoring Program is unique in that it attempts to lead the way in innovation for coaching and mentoring. The program is what could be described as ‘organization’ or ‘institutional’ mentoring, that involves not one on one mentoring, but a leader and the organization undertaking the coaching and mentoring.

Total Access Mentoring receives expressions of interest for participation in the program through the year, with applications due in December. All applications are prayerfully considered, and places are offered early in the year. The program commences in February each year.

Participants can expect:

  1. Monthly CDs, DVDs, articles, and other resources directly relating to the development of their leadership gift.
  2. A book to read every 2nd month
  3. The participants have access to Mark Edwards or any member of the team.
  4. Once per year the mentoring group gets together for two days, where there is face-to-face personal mentoring and coaching by not only by Mark Edwards, but by staff and other practitioners.
  5. A preaching Clinic is also conducted to assist the participants in their ability to communicate and preach.


Mark Edwards
Total Access Mentoring