Starting Strong / Church Planting

Through the Starting Strong program, Church Planters are taught skills and empowered with principles that will enable them to start a church in strength. Through a “4 Step” process, the Church Planter is trained and assessed in areas such as: Marketing, Team Development, Budgeting, and Governance, all of which will help them thrive from Day One, and start from a position of significant strength. For applicants who meet specific criteria, investment funding is available.

Our Mandate

To champion the planting of churches in Qld & NT! This has been one of our main strategies in the ACC for reaching lost people and enriching communities. We have seen a net increase of 230 churches over the last 25 years and our objective is to see more churches planted to reach the QLD & NT’s ever increasing population.

Our Mission

To assist Church Planters in planting Life-giving Churches in Qld & NT. We do this through training, resourcing, personal support and now with our new STARTING STRONG Initiative, through partnership and strategic financial investment.

Our Desire

To empower leaders, Churches and Church Planters to start strong vibrant life-giving Churches. We understand that there are many strategies that exist in Church Planting such as The Cold Start, Mother /Daughter Church, Cell Model, Satellite Church Model and now our STARTING STRONG model. It is this diversity and yet unity in purpose that we celebrate.


There are several ways that churches can access financial resources for church planting.


Grants from $30K to $50K can be accessed through the ACC QLD/NT Starting Strong Program. To access these funds, church planters have to attend the Starting Strong Program. Other criteria are building a launch team to 30 adults, raising $30K (and we will match it) securing a location for weekly services.

Please make enquiries through the State Operations Centre on 0413 599 558 or 


 Upon successful completion of the Stadia Church Planting Assessment, church planters can access grants of up to $250 000 for your church plant. (Conditions apply)
To begin the assessment, please click the link below. 

Please contact the State Operations Centre should you require any further details:


This online course is an introduction for leaders of churches to the important areas of governing your church well. Directors are not merely liable for the results of their decisions, but in a fast-paced world, an aligned and strategically aware board will make better decisions faster. Better board competence, regardless of whether the church or entity is large or small, as an essential component of Kingdom outcomes, can only result in a wider reach of the gospel .

Course Outcomes include the legal framework of churches in Australia; Important aspects of financial accountability, workplace health and safety, and risk management; Approaches to managing people, both staff and volunteer; and more.

Click here to complete the Good Governance Essential Course