Church Consults

We work with individual churches or small workshops of 10 – 12 pastors from different churches to assist pastors/leaders overcome obstacles preventing their churches from going to the next level – numerically and also in health and strength.


We address such issues as:

  • The hallmarks of a healthy well balanced pastor & healthy church
  • Understanding ā€“ ministry gifting, personality/temperament, strengths & weaknesses
  • The various role changes of the senior pastor in a growing church
  • Transitioning a pastor to a pastor/leader
  • Pastor’s leadership style ā€“ the decision making process, the criteria for selecting the board/elders & their function, increasing the senior pastor’s leadership influence, dealing with power brokers in your church.
  • Discipleship, mentoring, empowering, identifying & developing of leaders
  • Understanding the life cycle of a church
  • Going to the next level ā€“ a slogan or core passion (identifying key growth issues)
  • Assessing the senior pastor/elders/key leaders (survey questionnaire)
  • Marriage & the ministry
  • Finishing strong

  • Succession planning
  • How to handle stress & prevent burnout
  • Understanding the organisational structure required to go to the next level:
    • Core Values
    • Mission Statement
    • Vision statement
    • Statement of Intent
    • Analysing where the church is NOW
    • Visioning where we want to be
    • Strategic Planning
    • Organisation
    • Objectives
    • Action Plan
    • K.P.Iā€™s


John Lewis
Church Consults