Credential Process

ACC QLD/NT Credential Information for applicants

ACC Documents

Credential offers by the ACC (see article 11 of the United Constitution)

SMC: Specialised Ministry Certificate

This certificate is issued to successful applicants who are involved in specific ministries within a local church. The certificate is only valid for the designated ministry and church. Should the holder leave that ministry and/or church the certificate lapses. A person holding such a certificate does not have a vote at state or national conferences and there is no direct pathway to ordination. They do have the right of the floor at State Conferences.

PMC: Provisional Ministers Credential

This credential is issued to successful applicants who have clear signs of an evident call of God upon their life and are committed to fulfill that call. This does not imply the person will necessarily end up full time in their calling or be drawing income from their ministry function. This credential is valid for the state in which it is issued as long as the applicant remains active in ministry and fulfills the requirements as per article 11 of the United Constitution. PMC holders have a vote at State Conference but not National Conference. This credential can lead to ordination.

OMC: Ordained Ministers Credential

The criteria for receiving an OMC are that the candidate has:

  • Completed the full two years (24 months) of their PMC
  • Completed a Pastors Intensive (please see state website for information regarding this including dates and costs)
  • Completed a recognised ministry course of study to the minimum of a certificate IV level or its equivalent. Or show proof of substantial recognised ministry experience. Fulfillment of which will ultimately be at the discretion of the State Executive.
  • The support of their peers who recognize their upright character, call and ministry fruitfulness.
  • Agreed to meet all requirements for dues and responsibilities to the ACC.

It is not possible to be nominated for an OMC directly without fulfilling a probationary period or to be nominated before the probationary period has been completed. It is the supervising pastor who determines when it is appropriate for a PMC holder to be nominated for a full ordination.

Please note: If your intention is to reside and minister overseas and you are applying for a PMC/OMC please advise the State Operations Centre upon initial enquiry for further information or procedures that may apply.

National Office assesses these applications on a case by case basis.

If you are planning to go under the covering of ACC you have an alternative option of applying for a credential through them and enquires should be made directly with their office.

Transfer of Credentials

From AOG in another country

Ministers who are now active in ministry within Australia and who have been fully ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God overseas are welcome to transfer their credential.

The following additional conditions apply:

  • They have left the movement in good standing within the last 5 years.
  • They have a credential that reflects full ordination
  • They have read and agreed to abide by the United Constitution, Code of Conduct for Ministers and other relevant documentation.

Please use the Application Form – ‘Transfer from Overseas AOG’


  • Provide evidence of a Police Check or Blue Card (QLD) or Ochre Card (NT)
  • Visa and Passport information
  • Letter/s from Overseas AOG Nation Office stating year left, currency, level of credential achieved and standing with the movement.
  • Complete and interview with the relevant Regional Committee
  • An Addendum (where applicable)

It is also mandatory for any minister transferring in from overseas to take advantage of the State Pastors Intensive and other seminars conducted by the ACC to ensure they acclimatize to the Australian ministry environment and Australian Government laws that affect operating as a minister and church in Australia. These seminars are also open to the credential holder’s spouse.

NB. The ACC is unable to guarantee that they will receive the same level of credential following a transfer.

From another Movement

Ministers who hold credentials with another Movement are welcome to apply for credentials with the ACC. There is no pathway to directly transfer the level of credential help but upon completion of the ‘Transfer from another Movement Form’ each case will be evaluated on its own merit.

The candidate will need to;

  • Complete a ‘Transfer for another Movement Application Form’
  • Provide evidence of a Police Check or Blue Card (QLD) or Ochre Card (NT)
  • Supply letter/s from the National Office of the previous Movement stating year left, Currency, level of credential achieved and standing with the Movement
  • Complete an interview with the relevant Regional Committee
  • Complete the requirement of Referees
  • Attend a Pastors Intensive
  • Complete the Addendum (where applicable)

It is also mandatory for any minister transferring in from another Movement to take advantage of the seminars held by the ACC to ensure they acclimatize to the culture and operational policy of the ACC.

General Advice

Blue Cards/Ochre Cards/Police Checks/Child Protection Training

All Queensland applicants must hold a current Working with Children Card (Blue Card) and all Northern Territory applicants must hold the equivalent Ochre Card and the completion of a recognised Child Protection Course at the time they make application for a credential and evidence of this will need to be provided with the application.

Please note if you are a registered Teacher or serving Police Officer you may be eligible for an E card (Exemption Card). See the Blue Card Website for conditions.

Ensure the evidence can be clearly read and should the card have less than 4 months before it expires the candidate is strongly encouraged to make application for renewal as only applications with a current card can be considered.

Those not eligible for a Blue or Ochre Card, such as Transfer Applications from Overseas, then need to provide a current Police Check which is no more than two years old.

2017 Dates

For Regions:

Suggested Regional Interview dates on or before:

  • 5 January 2017
  • 16 March 2017
  • 8 June 2017
  • 7 September 2017

For Candidates:

Finalised Application Submission dates on or before:

  • 26 January 2017
  • 6 April 2017
  • 29 June 2017
  • 28 September 2017