Pastors’ Masterclass

Pastors’ Masterclass: 37 hours to mine the gold that could have a great impact on your ministry and church.
Wise leaders are made wise by learning from wiser leaders.


“I think the value of the masterclass is perhaps a little understated….it’s so good that everybody should do it!”

“Very honest, open and informative; in a word EXCELLENT”

“Perfect, Perfect, Perfect”

“Across the board every topic was brilliant. I would recommend this 100%”

“A real opportunity and potential for all leaders wanting to grow”

“I cannot recommend this enough. It took a day or two, but I have already made sweeping changes based on the material shared. This will positively impact my church for years!”

11 - 12 June


$75 p/p


Western Downs Commnity Church
3 Burbank Street
Chinchilla QLD 4413