Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’ – Cairns

Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’:
The Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’ is a 48 hour seminar dealing with many aspects of the practical side of church life and ministry. This Intensive will cover various topics including: The Call of God; Australian Government Requirements for Weddings, Funerals & Special Services; An Overview of the Customs, Practice & Policies of ACC and Public Presentation Skills.

Whilst open to all pastors, Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’ is for those who currently hold a PMC and are working towards Ordination as it is now a National ACC requirement that this Intensive be undertaken before Ordination.


26 - 28 July 2021


$212.25 p/p (accommodation not included)


Royals Church - Cairns
9 Hollingsworth Street