Interim Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’

Interim Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’:

Due to the current situation, the Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’ event assigned to be held in June 2020, has been cancelled. So that the OMC process is not hindered, an Interim Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’ has been put in place for those currently in the process of finalising their OMC application or who will apply for their OMC within the next 6 months.

The Interim Pastors’ Intensive Essentials’ consists of 4 parts:

1. Payment of a non-refundable deposit (half the registration cost of attending the Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’)

2. Completion of the ‘ACC Orientation of Ministry’ course online through Alphacrucis College.

3. Upload Interim Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’ registration payment receipt and ‘ACC Orientation to Ministry’ completion certificate in the credential portal once access granted after a regional interview as per the ACC QLD/NT Online Credential Process (to view the Credential Process PDF – click here).

4. Attend the next available Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essential’ event i.e. towards the end of 2020 or 2021 and paying the remainder of the registration cost.

To register, please click on above ‘Register Online’ button.

For more information regarding the Interim Pastors’ Intensive ‘Essentials’, please contact the State Operations Centre on 0413 599 558 or email:

April 20th, 2020