Asset Protection – Part 2

Church Compliance Webinar

Structuring Your Church Arms – Maintaining Sufficient Diversity, Accountability and Control Between Entities Under the Church.

The missional activities of the church are becoming increasingly diversified. From the more traditional missions, such as setting up a Christian college, to care arms, building funds, cafes and publishers.

We discuss setting up a separate entity to act as deductible gift recipients to raise funds for the mission work of the church and how to structure and use such entity to protect claims being made against the church.

We cover steps that a church can take to ensure that it has the right people in the right positions running these arms (diversity and composition on the boards of these entities), and look at some of the risks of bad legal structures and old governing documents that create issues down the track.

This webinar is recommended for church boards, church executives, senior pastors, elders and leadership team members.  This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

6 March